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Mar. 18th, 2011

OK, progress! Brushed my teeth twice and flossed yesterday. Brushed my teeth this morning.

And I am now changing up the plan. I am getting the whole family on board to exercise more, brush teeth more and eat more veggies and fruit. We're going to "walk" to Maine! We are leaving for Maine in about 14 weeks -- and taking a week to travel there, so we have 15 weeks.

My husband and I are getting pedometers, and are going to walk and bike more. We already do some, and we'll start measuring exactly how much. And trying to do more. If/when the kids join us, their miles will count to. My daughter might be joining her middle school track team, so her miles there will count to. But it will be tough to get 1550 miles in 15 weeks.

So I also made charts for brushing teeth and eating whole fruits/veggies, and we'll count these healthy habits toward our miles. The way I've worked it out, the teeth and healthy foods could knock off as much as 300 of the miles. Plus it gives my son who doesn't ride a bike a couple other ways he can help toward our goal.

For further incentive, I am paying the kids $1 a mile that they help with. They are allowed to help with up to 300 miles each. They'll put half that money in their savings and can have the other half for spending this summer. We'd be buying them stuff or giving them spending money anyway, so this just sets up a way for them to "earn" it. Just remember I need to make a chart to keep track of their growing income, so they can get excited about it.

We have a big poster/map of the United States, and we're going to mark off on the map how many miles we get each week. I think we can do 50 a week easily, which is 1 inch. We need to do 100 a week to make the goal.

The map is hanging up in the living room. The charts are hanging on clip boards in the dining room which is like the center of the house -- so we can't forget!

We shall see.

no progress

No, I have not been brushing or flossing any more than usual. Not sure whether to move on to another goal, or do something different to make this one work. I think I will try again tomorrow morning. Maybe signs all over the house, saying, "hey dummy, brush your teeth!" I already have tooth brushes in all three bathrooms.

Feb. 22nd, 2011

I brushed my teeth this morning. I brushed my teeth after lunch. The nighttime brushing I'm pretty good about, so today looks like it could be day 1!


thank god (yet again) for Cleo!

Ha! I came back here with the best of intentions to daily document my experiment with brushing my teeth as often as the dentist wants.

Well, the daily documentation failed miserably obviously. The brushing teeth? well, I haven't done it 3 times and flossed all in one day yet, but I am brushing more often, most especially at night when I am tired, I have been more energetic to at least get that important nighttime brushing done.

I am going to go do a midday brushing right now!

Thank you, Cleo.


Been a year and a half

OK, I am going to brush my teeth three times a day and floss once a day for 30 days. Going to use this to keep track. Boring, huh?

Today, I brushed my teeth at bedtime, which is my norm. So I guess it doesn't really count as a true first day. Today is just the day I made the decision. Let's see if I stick with the teeth brushing AND the journaling about it.

This is inspired by a book I saw (but didn't buy or read) about a woman who gave up different stuff for a month at a time -- like TV or expensive coffee drinks, etc. I kinda like that idea and I might try giving things up (like TV,... I don't drink coffee so no Starbux obsession for me!). But I think I'd rather try ADDING something for a month at a time. All those basic things that I neglect -- like taking care of my teeth really really well.

We shall see... At the very least, maybe I'll get back to journaling regularly!


so, long time no see... meal updates

I guess I've let LJ fall by the wayside. But now I will use this as food journal.


Breakfast: half whole grain & honey bagel, 1 tablespoon peanut butter (has sugar as 3rd out of 4 ingredients, but no high fructose corn syrup), apple, water

Lunch: whole-grain wheat pizza crust with nitrate free organic sausage, carmelized onions, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, one sip of maple-syrup-sweetened lemonade, water

Snack: handful of cashews

Dinner: whole wheat pita, hummus with garlic, organic lemonade sweetened with cane juice

Dessert:... and I broke down and went with the family for coffee oreo ice cream. But I got a small!

No alcohol today. No serious processed sugar other than the ice cream. Which for me... is kind of really good.

Lots of walking around town for 3 hours.


easing myself back in

Whoa... I took more than a month off! I've been hanging out at Facebook. And starting grad school. And dealing with Internet issues (off and on).

I have been dwelling on much. Perhaps I will post something here soon.

Mar. 28th, 2009

My goals continue to be: more sleep, drinking more water, and letting my children know more often how much I cherish them


happy birthday... garden

Exahusted from Ellie's all-day birthday party. Good kids, low-key party, but there's a level of anxiety about being in charge and on call and on guard (one girl was diabetic, another was under strict orders not to wear herself out as she had a swim meet the next day)... But I was horizontal for about 10 hours and asleep most of it. I think I am so not used to sleeping for long periods that I would wake up and toss and turn occasionally. Anyway, the result is that I feel human and rested.

Today is Wee One's actual birthday. But it's very low key. Some gardening, then some relatives come over -- interrupted by my husband and I taking our son to his first play therapy appointment -- then a late lunch of hot dogs and mac & cheese (birthday girl's choice). And chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

... being interrupted to go plant lettuce and sweet potatoes....


I am making pita bread. The dough is rising.

I am making one of my husband's favorite dinners tonight. The onions are already chopped. But I do have to stop and buy some cream.

I am making pajamas. I've "been making" them for a couple weeks. Haven't gotten beyond cutting out the cloth. I need to actually stitch some stuff together to be able to say I am actively making pajamas.

Our garden looks awesome. And hubby wants to plant even more. He really doesn't get that we are late in the season for Florida. It feels all nice and springy out, like it's Maine spring. Except, by next week, we'll be into full bloom summer -- with 90 degree days every day. We shall see.

Things are coming together for Ellie's birthday party on Friday. It's just 5 girls and her. I am going through various art kits we have and that's what the girls will do, rather than me go out and buy MORE art kits. We also have loads of large pieces of cardboard to cut out guitar shapes, and the girls can then color and put stickers on, and jam out to the radio. And I have 4 mini photo albums, purchased eons ago for really cheap. Now I'll have to go buy two more, hopefully still cheap, so I can print out photos for the girls of the day, and at the end of the day, they can put together their own photo albums. This way I'll also use up some of the gobs of photo paper I have (and yeah, probably use up a lot of ink toner.)

I finally ordered the kids horoscopes from a friend who's a pro at this. I've been meaning to for 3 years!

Time to get kids, return library books, pick up that cream and then go to a friend's hosue to get more cardboard. Then finish the pitas, start dinner and help with homework. Then off to Ellie's recorder lesson and I can finally study some accounting.

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